Our SPORT PROGRAM is based on modern Karate competition.

Karate is being introduced as a full Olympic sport for the 2020 Olympic summer games. This enables our students the opportunity to compete with the very best athletes in martial arts. Here's a great article on the entrance of karate into the world of Olympic competition. 


We've been a part of this arena of competition for many years. Our instructor has been an athlete, judge, referee, and now focuses on coaching. This varied experience puts our school in a unique position to guide the next generation of athletes to achieve their goals!

This class is a great way to gain confidence as well as getting in great shape. The interaction with other competitors leads to lasting relationships and success in other areas of life.  This class works WITH your life. For those is school the workout and focus required pushes the individual to new levels of personal achievement and creates a overall healthy mind and body that ready for success.


For those moving on into the working world this is a great way to meet new people and continue to push your physical abilities. Something that's so hard these days when stuck in an office through the week. This class more than anything is a stress reliever! Achieving higher personal levels creates a healthy mind that's ready for any challenge!